About Me


There was a time I was just a regular employer. I was happy… well… on weekends I was happy.

Then I met Cris and – what a coincidence! – he was happy… on weekends.

I had this passion for my blogs and he had his for programming. At Saturday’s a bunch of his friends got together at his apartment to develop game apps. I loved that environment!

So I started to look at blogging in a different way. It was when I realized I would be happy all week long if could do just what I wanted: blogging.

The success didn’t come easy or fast; I had to learn a lot and remake things a lot… until that day… Eureka!… I found the answer: I had to find my gift and, that thing I am excellent at, and base my blog on this unity.

As I worked for more than 10 years on Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence fields, I started to blog about how to bring corporate skills to blogging and It was instantly successful!

Cris joined me and we made my blog our business. I had all the editorial skills and he is a programming genius. What else have I to say?

Blogzest opened a lot of doors for us, the door to freedom, the door to happiness and some others. But at the same time, we could help a lot of bloggers to pursue their dreams. Life was perfect!

But it was in Brazil, and It was in Portuguese. Since then we changed our lives and moved to Toronto, Canada. New city, new friends and, off course, new venture!

As we enjoy challenges, here we are, ready to expand our business to worldwide market. We believe we can make the difference anywhere. And we know anyone can make the difference, they just have to know where to find their spot.

You will read a lot from me on this blog, but please remember, all the magic behind is made by Cris.

Luciana Couto