Get more audience having more links to your blog

Did you know that one of the most important factors for Google to evaluate a site is the amount of links pointing to it?

Well, Google considers that each link is a “vote of confidence” to the site. After all, if someone has a link pointing to it, is because they consider that it has a relevant content, so your blog will be better ranked than others it gets more external links.

It is, therefore, crucial that you have links on other sites that link to your blog. For example, Twitter is perfect for this! Be sure to post the blog posts there and so build more links (just please do not spam on Twitter!).

This tip also serves to other networks, such as Google +, for example. In fact, Google + is – obvious – from Google, then Google considers it a very strong link. I know that there is almost a ghost territory, and you will have fewer visits come from there, but post there because of the importance that Google can give to your website.

Having links on other blogs is also important, especially if they are on the same subject as yours. It was common a few years ago; bloggers join in groups to exchange links with each other. This practice, known as a link farm, has never been well regarded by Google and today is punished severely. So, do not participate in groups like this and always try to have links “pure”, from those people who really like your blog. Don’t try to fool Google.

Another practice is not very ethical leave commenting on all the blogs that appear in front of you just to get links pointing to yours. It’s great you make constructive comments and, of course, to leave your link, but please do not fall into temptation!
The tip I give is: leave your link in all the interactions that you have online (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog comments, new networks, etc.), but never interact just to make the link. This is not bad only for Google but also for people. Remember that if you begin to suspect that you are spamming you lose your credibility with people forever.

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