Who has not wondered what and how to talk to a potential sponsor who wants to invest in our blog? Many people ask me this and today i wish to give some tips that will help you prepare for this important step and increase your chances of success.


I’m sorry if you are one of those who think money is not behind most of the decisions, who thinks they can convince any company to sponsor just because “it is cool.”

Unfortunately, all the companies are based on a single goal: profit. Therefore, all decisions it takes are aimed in the same direction: to make more money.

So when someone is looking to invest or not to your blog, the question that’s on their mind is “how much money this action will bring to the company?”.

You already know what your objective is, right? Prove that the sponsor will make money with your blog.

Who am I speaking?

It is critical to understand who we’re talking when negotiating or even asking for sponsorship. It’s not productive to go around knocking on the door of every company you know to offer partnership; you have to focus to maximize your results.

If your blog talks about makeup, there’s no reason for a screw shop announce it. Okay, that’s even obvious, but let’s raise it to another level: the more affinity your blog has with the company, best for it advertising on your blog

If you talk a lot about cheap makeup, Dior will never advertise on your blog. The same goes for the more affordable companies with your blog speaks only of imported products. Think about which companies are more aligned with your content.

A good tip is to make a list of the brands in which you speak frequently and have good acceptance of his audience. You can even use it as a negotiating point; you can talk to the company “look, whenever I speak of their products, my audience loves.”


Ok, we know that what matters is profit. Companies draw strategies to reach those profits and, depending on the strategy, your blog can be useful or not for him.

If a company plans to increase the visibility of its brand so that it is better known, probably she is more interested in reaching a very large audience than engagement. Then it should seek bloggers that have many followers and page views in their blog.

Now, if the company plans to increase sales of a particularly targeted product for a specific audience; it needs people to start talking about it. It needs the audience to engage with the blogger who is talking about it. Maybe it prefers to sponsor bloggers smaller but who have more contact with their target audience; have much more influence over their followers.

Finally, the business secret is to understand which is the sharp point of your blog and offer brands who want exactly what you can provide.


If you have an audience of millions, probably you should not be interested in this post because you’ve reached another level, you’re a star and receive various proposals brands every week. After all, you have large numbers to show and convince.

But if you do not have these huge numbers do not have to find that you have nothing good to offer to a sponsor. You just have to figure out which is its great advantage and show it to him.

For example, remember what I said that the company may be more interested in engagement? Well then, you might not have as large audience numbers, but have a highly engaged audience, and it relies too much on your opinion. So is very interesting for the brand you tell it to your readers.

And how do you convince? Simple, give emphasis to this high point, show the engagement data before the hearing in the media kit, for example, show all the advantages of advertising on your blog early on.

Hardly anyone would read 5 pages of numbers “more or less” good to get the data that can really convince.

Not only engagement, its strength can be many things, but you need to find it. Ask yourself “why my blog is unique?” And try to find an argument that makes this specialty generate money for the company.

Some examples of strong-points: well-produced photos (you can argue that the product will be shown in more attractive way to your audience) know-how (if you specialize in a subject, the more people will trust you to read about the product), comments on Instagram (people pay attention to what you post) … finally, discover yours and use it as an argument!


Try to show the return that the advertiser will have to advertise on your blog. For example, tell people like your tips a lot, they tend to buy the product on which you will speak.

There is no better argument than the one who speaks the lines “your company will earn more money if it sponsors my blog.”

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