How to build your image as a brand


I do not need to start this post talking about how brands are important in the world of Marketing. Just see how much companies invest in it and strive always to be present in our minds. Well then, why our brand would not be one of the most important elements of our work as a blogger?

First, let’s make a distinction. Mark is a very directory to use the term, but sometimes confusing, right? In this post, I will talk about the brand as a whole, not the logo or graphic design blog. I will speak of your image and his blog whatever their audience interprets it.

I think one of the initial questions that the more I see out there is, but the brand is my or my blog? That is, we must invest in strengthening our own image or focus exclusively on the blog? The answer is the same for 90% of the questions in this life: it depends on, hehe.

I usually say that the brand should help your audience understand your blog, you will find it every time you visit. For example, if you talk only about fashion, you have to make that clear, in a way that the person just think of fashion when to remember your blog.

But many blogs (do most?) End up very opening your range of topics and can get a little confused in the head of the audience. This is where your personal brand. Because you see, it is always good to have a focal point in the blog, and if it comes to various issues, the solution is to put this focus on you, since you are the common denominator of all subjects.

In fact, whenever I ask, “I use a domain name with my invention or a name for the blog?” I ask on the blog topic. If the blogger tells me you want to talk about various things I sentence: register your name (with some exceptions). And of course, from there she needs to work very well his image.

But how? Well, I will not lie and say it is easy, but to facilitate the following this step by step I created:


Of course, you need to be the truest possible and NEVER pretend to be something it is not. But you can “polish” their image to make your audience have a positive perception of you.

Write down (yes, write!) All the features you would want someone to think when to accompanying your blog. Some examples are capricious, organized, good cook, good makeup artist, stylish … and so on. Write whatever comes to your mind.


Sometimes there is a difference between what we want to be and what we can be, unfortunately. It is therefore important that you review each of the features that wrote and answered truthfully, which ones are right for you.

And that is very worthwhile because you might reach the conclusion that it is better to follow another path to your blog and earn your hearing otherwise. No use you want to have a blog on makeup if you are not a person who uses it frequently or who can not outline the eyes.

But of course, is not the end of the world, you can take your blog to the other direction, for example, exploring the themes of a person who does not have much time or ability to apply makeup, but still they stay beautiful with practicality. You will attract an audience who will identify with you.


Once you get to your final list, write it even bigger and always leave it near the computer or where you produce your content. Always remember when writing, photograph, film, etc. these characteristics and so you will naturally create with them in mind.

When the content is ready, review and ask yourself if you are going the image you would like. If not, think about how to edit the text to include these features.

Over time, your audience will identify you with these functions and once you’re in people’s minds as a benchmark of what we want to convey to your blog, know that you are very close to achieving success.

But I also want to hear from you: how they built their brand? Did they think of a plan for this purpose ever?

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