At first, it’s super fun. You are beginning to use blogging tool, is thrilled with the possibilities and in particular with the changes we can make in the layout. There you go testing colors, will trying to match … and it seems that nothing comes out harmonize, right? I know this because I’ve been through this problem.

Colors are super important elements in our blog because not only give harmony to the page, as well as help us to create an identity. So I say it’s worth invest a little time thinking about the colors you will use on your blog, this will help you a lot in the future.

But how do I know it’s hard, I separated some tips that I learned over the years, which I believe can help you a lot in this important task:


The first step is from a color that represents your blog. And to set that you need to think about the features it will have, but can pass the wrong impression. For example, baby pink looks great in women’s personal blogs but does not help much if you want to write about his profession of a lawyer, for example.

Of course, other layout elements will help define the profile of your blog, but maybe the color is the most important because it is the first to be noticed.

There are no specific rules, but I like to blog list of features and then write beside the colors that come to mind when I think of them. Eg sophistication reminds me of black or silver; food reminds me of the red or wine, wellness reminds me of the gold and white … and so you’ve got to have at least an idea.

I leave here a list of meanings that some colors bring to our culture:

Blue: tranquility, confidence.
Red: excitement, hunger.
Green: health, sustainability.
Yellow: money, prosperity.
Pink: femininity, motherhood.
Black: sophistication.
White: cleanliness, clarity, simplicity


After you have chosen your primary color, comes another difficult stage: how to combine? Have you ever wondered if everyone around you knows how to mix colors less you? I have, hehe. It was no use, I spent hours trying to put together colors, and everything seemed tacky. Until I started reading about color theory.

And summarizing the theme, the colors are divided into a chromatic circle that orders according to their temperature. It just seems like a way to organize, but in fact, there is a whole logic behind, since the position of each color helps us identify those that combine better with it.


For example, if we choose the main color and then choose as secondary colors closer to that first, we will have a more harmonious and smoother design. We call these colors to similar colors.


But if what we want is contrast, a right combination is to take the opposite color to the principal, which will leave the most dynamic design. We call these the complementares.colour-wheel-complementary colorscolour-wheel-complementary


But even with all this theory, I know that in real life it is not very easy to see these combinations. So I love, a site that helps us choose colors for any project.

Captura de Tela 2016-01-31 às 14.04.52

It works in a very simple way: you choose a color wheel color, and it will bring the combination you want. You can see combinations of similar or complementary colors, with options to include more colors (just click on the small circles on the color wheel).

After you choose the colors, you can just copy the code and paste into your blog or image editing program (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel …) you use. Just click on the color that appears in the table of combinations on the right to view your data.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these tips and did not forget to tell me how do you choose the colors of your blogs!

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