What Numbers are important for your blog?


Numbers, numbers, numbers … we decided to be a blogger to deal with words, not numbers, right? But unfortunately they are needed in our daily lives and we need to be aware of them.

The good news is you do not need to be worrying about a plethora of numbers, just monitor those are important to track the performance of your blog within the goals you have for it.

For example, many bloggers are to much focused to increase the number of sessions in their blogs, as if it were their big goal. Of course, having many visits is super important, but this is not always the best goal for you. Worse, if you focus on the wrong metrics it can harm your blog.

“How come, Lu?” You might be asking and I’ll give you a simple example. Suppose you want to have enough credibility to a brand be interested in sponsoring your blog. Then you go out spreading your blog everywhere, asks visits to any person you find near you, but forget one small detail: you actually need an audience to engage with your content.

Then the brand will ask you things like “how many come back?”, “What is the average of visits on a week?”, “How long people stay on your blog?” … Because the company is not intreste in having astronomical numbers, but quality audience. Simple like that.

One of the biggest mistakes I see some bloggers make is focusing on the number of visits and forget the engagement metrics. When they realize, these numbers are very low and difficult to be raised.

And for those who think that one more visit will never hurt any blog, please note that engagement data (time on site, percentage of return, etc.) are usually averages of total visits. That is, if you have a lot of visits with low engagement values, these visits will pull your averages down, making your blog looks less engaging.

Worth much rather have 500 users who keep coming back, spend a lot of time on the blog and – better yet – share your content, rather than 5000 simply they came and went.

And I know there are a lot of company those may ask you – first of all – how many visits you have. And the answer to them is very simple. You may say, “I have x sessions per month (never lie!), But these people stay for x minutes and still return x times a week.” This will show them your visitors like your content and trust what you say.

Other metrics that you can use as an argument when negotiating a sponsorship is the engagement on Facebook. Show that your posts are very liked and commented. And here is a tip for a metric that few pay attention: the reach on Facebook. If you notice, that number appears in your posts and indicates how many people have been impacted by what you wrote. Show it to the company to demonstrate that when you say something on Facebook, many people end up seeing.

But I know you’re asking yourself “but then how do I get engaged users?”. And the answer I give is that it depends on the purpose so your blog. In the next post of this series I will talk extamente about it, about how to make una quality audience for your blog, depending on your goal. Do not miss!

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