WARNING: Do not buy followers or likes on Instagram and do not ruin your blogger carrier


Today’s article, more than an informational, is a warning. I decided to write it for two reasons: 1) many customers ask me how is it that some accounts on Instagram to gain so many followers and likes on such short time and 2) have noticed an increase in this kind of issue, which worries me as the credibility of the blogger profession should not be questioned by sponsors.

It turns out that it is common to see “strange cases” there and even mistrust, is not it? And many ask me, “is it possible to know when someone buys likes or followers on Instagram?”. My answer is yes, it is possible.

There is a more concrete form but not so close to the general users: the Instagram API. As we are developing apps and other services, we have developer access to the Instagram API, so we can use the public data network and its users. When we analyze these data, we can identify suspicious profiles and, investigating further, we can see the presence of profiles that do not seem real.

And yes, if I can have access to this information, advertisers can also, let’s remember that it is public. So it is always good not make any kind of “maneuver” considered illegal by the application, don’t try to inflate a number that is not real. Just wait for an advertiser to investigate the background once for your credibildiade as a blogger blows up. Goodbye career after that!

But of course there are also other interesting clues so we can, at least, be suspicious of certain profiles. A study by Momentum Marketing, showed some characteristics that indicate activities in a false Instagram account.

The most obvious is when the person just buy followers. She has thousands of followers, but there is little interaction with your account (few likes, comments, etc.).

When a person buys followers and likes, at first sight it may seem difficult, but a simple analysis on the behavior of likes already shows great distrust. For example, a person posts a picture and, in the first minutes, gains few likes. But after a few minutes, the picture becomes to gain many likes at once and for a short time. Soon after this “peak”, there is much more tanned and the number stabilizes. That’s because the “robots” used for automatic likes are programmed for checking new pictures of their followed with an established basis. By finding these new photos, they start to like without stopping, one by one. Therefore, this increase of likes is so steep and lasts a short time.

This type of action is very worrying as bloggers we strive to be recognized as disseminators of brands and our credibility should be above everything. I truly believe that brands and agencies do serious analysis in choosing which accounts sponsor, after all, they want to get a good return on their investment.

So I hope that in the future we will not see that kind of behavior, as a simple number on Instagram account from someone not be the determining factor in sponsorship decision but credibility and integrity, values that are never hurts to relate to a brand.

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